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DC Notary Services

We maintain a downtown office location in S.W DC that is open to the public between the hours of 9-5p.m.

430 M St SW Suite #N106
Washington, DC 20024-9998

Please call ahead: 202-450-3059

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As a D.C. Notary, we can perform the following functions:

· Witness and attest signatures: Verify proof of identity (government issued driver’s license, passport or employee identification card) of the person signing a document. Observe as a document is being signed.

· Administer Oaths and Affirmation: An oath is a spoken, solemn promise to a Supreme Being made by a Notary, (i.e. “I solemnly swear that the statements in this document are true, so help me God.”) An affirmation is a spoken, solemn promise on one’s honor, with no reference made to a Supreme Being, made before a Notary, (i.e. “I solemnly affirm that the statements in this document are true.”)

· Copy Certification: Certify that a document is a copy of an original.


A Notary Public is not an Attorney at Law, and it is illegal for one to dispense legal advice. Also, is not responsible for verifying the truth or accuracy of any document. Note that Notarization of a document does not make it legal, official or validated.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (standard for all notaries) …………………. $ 5.00 per document

PAYMENT:  $5.00 per notary (cash only)

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